Data safety first

A recent Which? investigation revealed that our personal contact details are freely collected and sold and can be use to defraud people .    Smart meters, phones and social media give deep insight into our lives but it is not clear who owns the data or if it is being sold or shared.  As we introduce smart technology to assist people in their homes we need safeguards to protect the vulnerable from the unintended consequences of capturing and sharing information. » Read more

Smart Ageing in the Connected World

We want to understand the changes ageing brings and how we can maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible, retaining our independence using both tried and tested and innovative products. We cannot bear the thought of accepting the status quo for the frail in the UK; an uncomfortable mix of vulnerability, complexity, and high cost as highlighted recently by the King’s Fund.  So please join us and join in on this journey of Smart Ageing. » Read more