Growing in God

Inspiring Ipswich is a new outreach initiative in our county town which has big dreams to realise by 2025.
As God’s church we want to look outwards to the people who are not currently part of the Church and look beyond parochial boundaries to what can be achieved for Ipswich. The Inspiring Ipswich project is a once in a generation opportunity. With significant support from the Church Commissioners and the Diocese, the project injects substantial resources into our Deanery of Ipswich. Through this, by God’s grace, we aim to:

  • grow 25 new worshipping communities
  • provide fresh energy for the existing churches
  • make meaningful contact with 15,000 people
  • engage 7,500 people in exploring faith
  • have 1,500 new people become members of a worshipping community.

Check out the Inspiring Ipswich website, get involved with this exciting vision, and work with us in our parish to communicate the Good news of Jesus and grow new disciples.