Autumn 2019 Bible Study Series

We’re excited to be learning about the incredible faith-sharing journey of Paul this autumn. One of Jesus’ most powerful critics who became one of his most committed followers. Join us at St Matthew’s on Sunday services at 10am and in bible study groups weekly / fortnightly in homes across Ipswich.

Map of St Pauls Second Missionary Journey from Sryia to Greece.

We will be studying Paul’s letter – 1 Thessalonians. This was written to the young believers in the newly established church in Thessalonica -now modern day Greece.

We will be using study resources written by the LICC (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) entitled ‘Holiness and Hope in a Hostile World’. Reading and discussing Paul’s letter to the Thessalonian Church will give us:

  • a model to follow, as we explore Paul’s own commitment and service to God’s people
  • an understanding of his vision for the church
  • a challenge to live distinctively in everyday life
  • the opportunity to reaffirm our faith in the foundation truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who was crucified, rose from the dead and is coming to Earth again

Be inspired to learn.

Be inspired to change.

Be inspired to follow.