Follow Jesus

Jesus is at the centre of the Christian Faith.

Many thousands of people follow him? Why? He claimed to be the Son of God. Just a false claim? Maybe – but maybe not? A strange birth, an amazing and miraculous life, a miscarriage of justice leading to a crucifixion, a resurrection after being dead for three days – strange, other-worldly appearances to his disciples after that followed by a kind of disappearance with the promise to return.

And all this with a message. God is love – with the way to God being through Jesus himself.

If this is true, that Jesus is still alive, it stands to reason that he can change people’s lives today.

Have a listen to this video about Shane Taylor which is shown on the Alpha Course and if it leaves you with lots of thoughts and questions come along to the next Alpha.

  • So why not sign up to Alpha?
  • Start reading the Bible – maybe a biography of Jesus such as the book of Mark (second book of the New Testament)
  • Be welcomed at St Matthews. If you would like a personal welcome or the opportunity to talk and pray with someone, please contact us.
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“My journey’s been that faith has been the wildest ride and Jesus, at the heart of the Christian faith, is the wildest…!” Bear Grylls

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