Join a team

St Matt’s runs smoothly because of our amazing volunteers with skills from admin & creative to technical and baking. We’re always looking out for new people to join the teams, so please shout out if you’d like to be a part of something.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that volunteering makes you feel good, gives you purpose and means that stuff gets done.

If you’re looking to volunteer for your Duke of Edinburgh award or to fill some newly spare time, this is a brilliant place to start.

What would you like to do?

  • Make coffee after the Sunday service
  • Bake cakes for birthdays and other celebration days
  • Audio Visual team– providing technical support before and during services, including mid-week / Saturday / Sunday options.
  • Sunday School teachers or helpers (subject to DBS safeguarding check) Resources provided. Once a month slots
  • Youth helpers (subject to DBS safeguarding check) Once a month slots
  • Little Treasures or Messy Church helper (subject to DBS safeguarding check) – help with crafts, games or refreshments with our toddler group (Friday mornings) and primary-aged children (usually Saturday afternoons)
  • Music team – singing or joining the band or playing the organ
  • Sidesperson – keep things running smoothly before and during the service
  • Flowers – make a flower arrangement for the special days of Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and Christmas, or join the rota to help decorate the church week by week
  • Cooking – we have a freezer full of good home-made food for those who are unable to look after themselves for some time. Help keep it stocked up by cooking an extra batch of something that will freeze
  • Churchwarden – take responsibility for the upkeep and running of the building, open up and lock up, greet people as they come in etc.
  • DCC – represent St Matt’s congregation at the four annual meetings where discussion, prayer and decisions help keep us on track
  • PCC – represent St Matt’s congregation alongside All Saints and Triangle churches at Parish meetings three times a year
  • Prayer Ministry – offer a listening ear and prayer support after the service on a Sunday morning
  • 24 hour Prayer Team – be one of the small team available to pray at a moment’s notice for any request, around the clock
  • Welcoming – give a smile and a friendly welcome to everyone who comes into church on a Sunday morning
  • Counting the collection money – after the Sunday service
  • Mission and Social Action – encourage people to support Christians in mission work around the world and locally, sharing the good news of Jesus with those who have not heard it. Also put on events to raise awareness and funds to support mission work.

To find out how you can get involved and to volunteer, please speak to anyone at church. Ideally, ask someone who’s doing what you’d like to join in with, and ask them how to get started!

Alternatively, ask Nick, Ruth, Andy or whoever’s on the door.