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We Skype most services so you can join us online when you cannot make it in person. If you would like to join us on line, please follow these instructions.

Setting up Skype and agreeing conditions

To join the service remotely you must have Skype loaded on an internet connected PC, tablet or phone.  The Skype software is available freely on the internet, you can find it by using a search engine. 

  1. If you have not used Skype before
    1. Download and install Skype on your device
    2. Create a Skype account and store the password safely
    3. Check the sound and video is working correctly on your device by using the Skype test service.
  2. Send a message requesting to join the online congregation at St Matthews to the
    Skype ID:  Something like “Hello! Please can I join the online congregation?” will be fine
    • Please do not send email, it is not checked.
  3. Within the next week or so someone will get back to you from the online-stmatts Skype account asking you to confirm your name and introduce yourself.
  4. You will then be asked to agree to the following conditions:
    • Welcome to St Matthews online congregation!  Anything you type, audio or video that you send may be visible to all members of the online congregation and may be displayed or heard in the church, please treat it as a public place and do not share information that you do not want to share with the whole church.  Your contact information will be visible to other members of the online congregation. St Matthews will retain your online address and name to help us deliver services & events to you online.  You can ask to be removed at any time.  We may record audio and video and take screen shots and make these publicly available.  Other online congregation members may take screen shots or in some way record information sent and St Matthews is not responsible and cannot delete these recordings should they exist.  Please confirm you understand and accept these conditions.
    • Send a message accepting or declining the conditions
  5. Once accepted you will be added to the online congregation
    • You can see who else is part of the congregation
    • Send a brief message to introduce yourself, eg “Hello Joe Bloggs here”
    • Feel free to chat to other members of the congregation on the group conversation using Skype anytime we are not holding a service.

If these set-up instructions do not make sense, or you are not confident with making changes to your device you will need help with the set-up from the person who helps you with the internet.

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Joining a Service online using Skype

Sunday 10am services from St Matthews is usually Skyped. If there is joint service elsewhere then there won’t be a Skype service, so keep an eye on the weekly new sheet*  We normally Skype the sound from the church plus the slides shown on the overheads.  Occasionally video is sent too.  You will be able to hear and join in with the worship songs, listen to the talk and join in with the prayers.

Internet services like Skype are constantly changing (improving), so the images shown here were correct at time of writing but may differ slightly from what you see.

To join the service:

Skype App
  1. A few minutes before 10:00 set-up your device so you can see it comfortably. A stand may help as the services last for over an hour.
  1. Open the Skype App
  2. Join the “Worship @ St Matts Ipswich” group conversation
    • From the left hand pane within the Skype window, select the “Worship @ St Matts Ipswich” group conversation (red box), The right hand pane header will change to also show Worship @ St Matts Ipswich (blue box), with recent messages below.
    • If this doesn’t appear to work, open the address book and search for and select the “Worship @ St Matts Ipswich” group chat.

Join the Skype service using the green phone button
  1. Shortly before the service you will get an incoming call from “Worship @ St Matts Ipswich” which may be abbreviated to “WM”
    1. Click on the green phone icon to join the call.
      • If you click on the camera icon you will be sending video of yourself to the church and all the online congregation.  This is OK if you want to share with others.  These pictures will not normally be displayed unless you have been invited to speak.  To stop sending video, click on the camera button again
      • To ensure you aren’t heard, press the microphone button – it will be displayed with a line through it.  You will still be able to hear the service.
    2. If the call has started already click the “Join Call” button which will add you to the call. Remember to mute!
    3. After a brief pause you will be able to see the slides from the projector in the church.  Occasionally video pictures will be sent from the church.
    4. If you have any issues with getting access to the service online, type a message in the bottom of the right hand pane.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible, but it can be very hectic on the desk during a service, so please be patient.  Your messages will not normally be displayed in the church but they will be visible to other online congregation members who may also be able to offer you helpful advice!
  2. At the end of the service, the group call will be closed. Do feel free to chat to other members of the online congregation after the service..  If you want to leave before the end, press the red button to close the call.

We hope you enjoy our online services and welcome your feedback to help us improve!

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