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Holy Habits, Whole Life Worship

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Date Series Title Title Bible Passage Speaker Extras
09/06/19 Holy Habits – Worship Whole Life Worship Romans 11:33-12:2 Andy Buttress What is Pentecost?
Open Doors’ ‘See.Change.’ Campaign slides
02/06/19 Holy Habits – Worship Worship Psalm 96
Matthew 6:1-4, 19-21
Ruth Best Bell Ringing Peel Billboard Presentation
23/05/19 Holy Habits – Generosity Generosity and Inspiring Ipswich 2 Corinthians 9 Rhiannon King
05/05/19 Holy Habits – Gladness and Generosity Gladness and Generosity Luke 6:27-38 Peter Foy
Easter Animated Reading Ruth Best
17/03/19 Holy Habits – Eating Together Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish John 21:1-14 Nick Atkins
10/03/19 Holy Habits – Eating Together Feeding of the 5000 John 6:1-15 Ruth Best
03/03/19 Holy Habits – Eating Together Eating Together Romans 14:1-8 Luke 15:11-32 Lawrence Carey
24/02/19 Holy Habits – Serving More than Matthew 20:20-28 Andy Buttress
17/02/19 Holy Habits – Serving Serving Philippians 2:5-11 John 13:1-17 Nick Atkins
09/02/19 John Battman’s memorial Service 9th Feb 2019
09/12/18 Holy Habits – Prayer Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives Luke 22:39-46 Nick Atkins Rosie from Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship John Battman on the Church Missionary Society
02/12/18 Holy Habits – Prayer Praying with Lament Psalm 43
Mark 15:33-41
Andy Buttress
25/11/18 Holy Habits – Breaking of Bread Breaking Bread Mark 14:12-31 Ruth Best Hope into Action update
18/11/18 Holy Habits – Breaking of Bread Emmaus Luke 24:13-32 Nick Atkins
Remembrance Sunday Luke 22:7-23 Andy Buttress
04/11/18 No service at St. Matthew’s
28/10/18 Holy Habits – Fellowship Fellowship Romans 12:9-16 Andy Buttress
14/10/18 Holy Habits – Fellowship Entertaining Angels Genesis 18:1-16 Nick Atkins FIND update
07/10/18 Holy Habits – Fellowship Acts 2:42 and the New Testament “One Anothers” Acts 2:42 Matthew 20:20-28 Philippians 1:1-11 John Battman
Seniors’ Service – Harvest – Growth Mark 4:26-32 Andy Buttress
09-Sep-18 Holy Habits – Biblical Teaching Bible Teaching – Learning Together Acts 8:26-40 Andy Buttress
02-Sep-18 Holy Habits – Biblical Teaching Introduction Acts 2:42-47 Nick Atkins
19-Aug-18 Heroes of Faith Ruth Ruth Ruth Best
05-Aug-18 Heroes of Faith Esther Esther Ruth Best Sorry recording not available. Esther Video
29-Jul-18 Hebrews The Proof of the Pudding Hebrews 13: 1-15
Church Updates: Triangle All Saints’ St. Matthew’s
22-Jul-18 Hebrews Give Me One Good Example Hebrews 11:1-40 Ruth Best
15-Jul-18 Hebrews Taking it on the chin Hebrews 10:24-39 & 12:1-13 Nick Atkins
24/06/18 Hebrews God’s Word is Living and Active Hebrews 4:12-13 Derek Ramsay Freda’s Birthday Speech
17-Jun-18 Hebrews You’ll Never Walk Alone Hebrews 2:10-18 & 5:7-9 John Battman
10-Jun-18 Hebrews All Eggs in One Basket Hebrews 1:1-4/2:5-9 & 3:1-6

03-Jun-18 Hebrews Right on the End Hebrews 5:11-6:12 Nick Atkins
Nick Atkins
Crown Him 2018
Michelle Moran
Easter Day
Ruth Best
Palm Sunday

Derek Ramsey
Nick Atkins

18-Mar-18 Who Cares? Facing Doubt John 20:19-29 Nick Atkins
11-Mar-18 Who Cares? Building oneself up in Christ helps with Disappointment

04-Mar-18 Who Cares? God Can Deal With Our Shame Genesis 3:8-21 & John 4:4-42 Michael Green
25-Feb-18 Who Cares? God’s Promise of His Presence Psalm 88 & Matthew 28:16-20 Ruth Best Sorry recording not available
18-Feb-18 Who Cares? Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.” Isaiah 43: 1-13 John 14:1-6 & 23-31 John Battman
Ash Wednesday Isaiah 58:1-11 &
John 8:2-11
Peter Foy
Open Doors
John Gillett
04-Feb-18 Who Cares? Allowing God to deal with guilt Psalm 38
John 21:15-19
Nick Atkins Peter’s Meditation
28-Jan-18 Who Cares? Finding hope when all seems hopeless

21-Jan-18 Who Cares? Dealing With Worry Matthew 6:25-34 Nick Atkins
14-Jan-18 Who Cares? Trusting In God – Not Self-Reliant Jeremiah 17:5-10 John Woodall
The Forerunner
John Battman
The Word of God in the Old Testament Isaiah 9:2-7

Advent – The Advent Hope Mark 13:24-37 John Woodall
26-Nov-17 Alpha How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life? Matthew 13:31-33 Nick Atkins
12-Nov-17 Alpha Does God Heal Today? Luke 9-10 (selected verses used in the service) John Battman
05-Nov-17 Alpha How and Why Should I Tell Others John 1:35-42 Nick Atkins
22-Oct-17 Alpha Who is the Holy Spirit? Acts 2:1-18 Derek Ramsey
15-Oct-17 Alpha How Can I Resist Evil? Matthew 4:1-11 Nick Atkins YouTube video from the Alpha Series
08-Oct-17 Alpha How Does God Guide Us? Various Ruth Best
01-Oct-17 Alpha Why and How Should I Read My Bible ?
John Woodall
Ruth Best
Paul Daltry’s Farewell Sermon
Paul Daltry

19-Feb-17 Whole Life for Christ Whole Life – Mission (sorry recording not available) Matthew 28:16-20 Nick Atkins
12-Feb-17 Whole Life for Christ Whole Life – Fruitfulness Galatians 5:13-26 John Battman Jean Daltry – Update on Kagera
05-Feb-17 Whole Life for Christ Whole Life – Purpose Jeremiah 29:1-14 Ruth Best
(Service at Triangle)

Lost! Luke 2:41-52 Nick Atkins
15-Jan-17 Whole Life for Christ Whole Life – Wisdom Proverbs 3:1-18 Matthew 13:44-52 John Woodall
08-Jan-17 Whole Life for Christ Whole Life – Gospel Col 1:15-23 John 1:1-5 Nick Atkins
Paul’s Damascean Conversion Acts 9:1-22 Michael Green
Christmas Day Talk Dramatised Reading Ruth Best
13-Nov-16 Prayer Paul: Praying for Everyone 1 Timothy 2:1-8 Revd John Battman Eldon Leinster on how to pray for people in the Forces
United Church Service – Waiting for God – and God’s plan for us Genesis 41:1-14 Simon Harris Response
02-Oct-16 Prayer Prayer and Spiritual Conflict Daniel 10:1-21 Matthew 4:1-11 Revd Ruth Best What the younger members were up to
Seniors’ Harvest Service
Revd Ruth Best
18-Sep-16 Prayer Motivated to Pray… for Others Nehemia 1:1-2:8 Luke 19:37-46 Revd John Battman
04-Sep-16 Prayer Prayer – An Adventure With God Matthew 6:5-15 Revd Nick Atkins
Who Was Jesus
Rt Revd Dr Mike Harrison
03-Jul-16 Letter from James War and Peace James 3:13-4:12 Revd John Battman
19-Jun-16 Letter from James Watch Your Tongue James 3:1-12 Nick Atkins
12-Jun-16 Letter from James Faith and Works James 2:14-26 Paul Daltry Interview with Justin from Kagera Diocesan web page
05-Jun-16 Letter from James Pride & Prejudice James 2:1-13 John Battman
29-May-16 Letter from James All Words James 1:19-27; 2:14-26 Ruth Best
Rogation Sunday Revelation 21:10-12, 23-22:5 Ruth Best
3rd Sunday after Easter Revelation 7:9-17 John 10:22-30 Nick Atkins
Punching holes in the darkness
Nick Atkins
Hour at the cross – Good Friday

Palm Sunday
Toby Tate
06-Mar-16 The Bible Paul’s mission and Open Doors Acts 13:13-39

21-Feb-16 The Bible Resurrection Luke 24:13-35 Toby Tate Slides Audio Bible Web Site
14-Feb-16 The Bible The hour of darkness Holy Week stories –Gethsemane Ruth Best
Ash Wednesday Sermon John 8:2-11 John Battman
07-Feb-16 The Bible Who do you say I am? Matthew 16:13-20 Johnny Douglas
31-Jan-16 The Bible Jesus’ Early Ministry Matthew 3:13-4:11 Archbishop Stanley Ntagali Paul Daltry interviews Archbishop Stanley
10-Jan-16 The Bible Queen of beauty and courage Esther John Battman
03-Jan-16 The Bible The return home Ezra Nick Atkins Slides
27-Dec-15 The Bible Daniel in exile Toby Tate
20-Dec-15 The Bible Judgement – part of God’s plan Ezekiel 1, 2, 6, 36-37:14 John Battman
13-Dec-15 The Bible The beginning of the end 2 Kings 17-19
06-Dec-15 The Bible God’s messages Elijah, Elisha and the Prophets
29-Nov-15 The Bible Advent – A kingdom torn in two 1 Kings 12:1-17
22-Nov-15 The Bible The king who had it all Solomon
15-Nov-15 The Bible United Service
08-Nov-15 The Bible From shepherd to king to trials 2 Samuel 7:1-17
01-Nov-15 The Bible Standing tall, falling hard Samuel and Saul
25-Oct-15 The Bible Faith of a foreign woman Ruth
18-Oct-15 The Bible A few good men and women Judges 6:11-16 Ruth Best
11-Oct-15 The Bible The battle begins Joshua 1:1-11
04-Oct-15 The Bible New Commands and a New Covenant, Whilst Wandering Exodus 13:3, Numbers 13:26-33 Toby Tate
27-Sep-15 The Bible Harvest – Deliverance Exodus 3:1-10 Ruth Best
20-Sep-15 The Bible Joseph – Slave to Deputy Pharaoh Genesis 39:20-23 Toby Tate
13-Sep-15 The Bible God builds a nation Genesis 12:1-5 Rt Revd Martin Seeley Diz talks about the refurbishment Time Capsule Blessing Bishop Blesses the church and congregation (and Nick baptises the North Aisle) Anya’s Baptism New Day Festival
06-Sep-15 The Bible Creation: the beginning of life as we know it
28-Jun-15 One Anothers Missing Ingredients – Toby Be Kind to One Another – Nick Romans 12: 9-10 Toby Tate Nick Atkins Transforming lives for good talk – part 1 Ryan’s Story (video) Transforming lives for good talk – part 2
21-Jun-15 One Anothers Submit to one another Ephesians 5:21-33 Toby Tate
14-Jun-15 One Anothers Forgive one another Ephesians 4: 30-32 Nick Atkins
United Service at Burlington
31-May-15 One Anothers Bear one anothers’ burdens Galatians 6:1-5 John Battman
24-May-15 All Age (Pentecost) (sorry not available)
17-May-15 One Anothers Do not judge one another (Sorry not available) Romans 14:3-13
10-May-15 One Anothers Edify one another Toby Tate Michael Green Talk Michael Green Interview
03-May-15 One Anothers Receive One Another Romans 14:1-12 Nick Atkins
26-Apr-15 One Anothers Wash one anothers’ feet John 13:1-17 Toby Tate Derek washing Rob’s feet
19-Apr-15 One Anothers Love one another John 13:34-35 Ruth Best
12-Apr-15 One Anothers Be supportive of one another 1 Cor 12:25
05-Apr-15 Easter Day Ruth Best
30-Mar-15 Palm Sunday Seniors’ Service Ruth Best
30-Mar-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Journey On 2 Kings 6:15-17
23-Mar-15 Fruitfulness on the front line A Tree and Its Fruit Matthew 7:15-23 Derek Ramsey Book recommended by Derek: The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.
15-Mar-15 Fruitfulness  on the front line Messenger of the Gospel 1 Peter 3:15-16 Toby Tate
8-Mar-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice 2 Samuel 12:1-13 Nick Atkins
1-Mar-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Moulding Culture Matthew 5:13-16 Ruth Best Bishop’s Letter: Who is my neighbour?
22-Feb-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Parable of the workers in the Vineyard Matthew 20:1-16 Henry Catchpole
18-Feb-2015 Ash Wednesday John 8 Ruth Best
15-Feb-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Ministering Grace & Love 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Luke 10:25-37 Toby Tate
8-Feb-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Making Good Work (sorry, not recorded) Genesis 1-2 John Battman
1-Feb-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Modelling Godly Character Galatians 5:13-26 John Woodall
25-Jan-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Fruits of the spirit Psalm 80 Isaiah 55:1-7 Derek Ramsey
18-Jan-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Who do you say I am? Colossians 1:15-20 Nick Atkins
11-Jan-15 Fruitfulness on the front line The Secret of Fruit-bearing John 15:1-17 Archdeacon Ian Morgan
4-Jan-15 Fruitfulness on the front line Fruitfulness in Scripture Gen 1:24-31 Luke 8:4-15 Nick Atkins
2-Nov-14 The Overflow of Grace 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 Nick Atkins
13-Sep-14 N/a A Way Ahead for the Middle East? N/a Tanas Alqassis
7-Sep-14 Lessons in Acts The Word of the Lord Spread Widely and Grew in Power Acts 19:8-41 John Battman
3-Aug-14 Lessons in Acts Peter All of acts! Ruth Best
6-Jul-14 Lessons in Acts Have You Got The Right Attitude? Acts 16 John Woodall
1-Jun-14 Lessons in Acts Effective Church Acts:13 1-12 Ruth Best
17-Apr-14 Easter Maundy Thursday United Service N/a David Baker United Service with Burlington Baptist, Elim International Church and Ipswich Community Church
13-Apr-14 Easter Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-11 Bishop David
6-Apr-14 Lessons in Acts Amazing Grace Acts 9 v 20-31 John Battman
16-Mar-14 Lessons in Acts An Idea Whose Time Has Come Acts 8 Nick Atkins
9-Mar-14 Lessons in Acts Acts 7 Acts 7 Toby Tate
2-Mar-14 Lessons in Acts We’re In This Together Acts 6 Ruth Best
16-Feb-14 Lessons in Acts The Great Fear, Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5 v 1-11 Toby Tate James Moore-Smith – Reflections on Creation, Nebulae and Galaxies Audio or Text Butterfly Nebula Orion Nebula Whirlpool Spiral Galaxy Eagle Nebula
9-Feb-14 Lessons in Acts Acts 4 Acts 4 Ruth Best
2-Feb-14 Lessons in Acts Acts 3: Seeing Real Need Luke 3 Nick Atkins
20-Jan-14 Lessons in Acts Pentecost Power: Prayer Luke 2 John Battman
13-Jan-14 Lessons in Acts They Got It! Acts 1 1:14 Nick Atkins
5-Jan-14 Lessons in Acts Introduction to Acts Luke 24:36-53 Acts 3:1-10 Toby Tate